Let Our Legal Team Work For You

Felony DUI

A client came to us from Desoto County having been charged with Driving Under the Influence Third Offense which is a felony punishable by one to five years in the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Our client had been charged with a 3rd Offense DUI after having been stopped for speeding. After the attorneys at Garrett, Friday & Garner made a full review of the case, they asked the assistant district attorney to review the video of the incident and the assistant district attorney agreed to not go forward with the prosecution of the case.

Child Custody

A father from Indiana contacted the attorneys at Garrett, Friday & Garner after learning his children, that he had not seen in three years, were in Mississippi with the their mother who had absconded with the minor children and hidden them from him. Our legal team was successful in having the children reunited with their father and custody returned to him.

18-Wheeler Accident

Our firm was contacted by a woman whose husband had been tragically killed in a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler in Calhoun County, Mississippi. The attorneys at Garrett, Friday & Garner brought a wrongful death action on behalf of our client and her child. We were successful in obtaining a settlement on their behalf which provided financial security for both the woman and her young child.


A man in Lafayette County retained the Garrett, Friday & Garner legal team to defend him after he was sued for assault and battery. The investigation of the matter by the attorneys at Garrett, Friday and Garner revealed that our client was actually the victim of the assault and had been sued by his attacker only because he successfully defended himself. After a two day jury trial the jury returned with a verdict in favor of our client after deliberating for only eleven minutes.

Faulty Construction

A couple from Desoto County came to Garrett, Friday & Garner seeking assistance after they discovered a major defect in the construction of their new home. After making a complete investigation of the matter, our legal team was able to obtain a settlement from the builder and his insurance company and our clients were able to move to a new home.

Child Custody

A man from Panola County came to Garrett, Friday & Garner seeking representation in his child custody case. Our investigation of the case revealed that the child our client had reared as his own was in fact not his biological child. Fortunately, after investigating the facts of the case our attorneys were able to establish that our client was the better parent and that the best interest of the child required that custody be placed with the only father the child had ever known.

Sexual battery

A Lafayette County family retained the attorneys at Garrett, Friday & Garner to defend their son who had been charged with the crime of sexual battery. After our legal team made a complete investigation of the matter and made our findings known to the office of the District Attorney, the charge of sexual battery against our client was dismissed.


Automotive accident

A Union County family retained the attorneys at Garrett, Friday & Garner to represent their child who had been injured while riding as a passenger in a vehicle driven by another person. Garrett, Friday and Garner obtained a settlement for our client in excess of $240,000.00.

Post-Conviction Relief

A man from Florida was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Marshall County, Mississippi. After being returned to Mississippi, he contacted our firm seeking assistance in regaining his freedom. After investigating the matter, our legal team reached an agreement with the prosecutor which provided for his release on unsupervised probation and allowed him to return to Florida and resume his employment.


Child custody

A mother in Lafayette County retained our legal team to represent her in a child custody case. This case ultimately resulted in the Department of Human Services, the child's father and grandparents, and our client in a custody trial which lasted six days. Ultimately it was established that the best interest of the child would be served by the Court returning custody of the minor child to our client.

slip and fall

A client from Tallahatchie County slipped on liquid in a convenience store and injured her knee. With the assistance of the attorneys at Garrett, Friday & Garner, she obtained a settlement of over $25,000.00.



A woman from Oxford retained our firm after discovering that her husband was having an affair. Fortunately, the attorneys at Garrett, Friday & Garner were able to establish that our client's husband was not only subject to excess spending but also had substantial income. This resulted in our client being awarded of not only custody of the young child and child support, but of other support as well due to our legal teams discovery of video tapes of the client's husband and his mistress entering a hotel together.


An Ole Miss student asked the attorneys at Garrett, Friday & Garner to appeal his conviction for DUI before the Municipal Court of the City of Oxford to the Lafayette County Circuit Court. An appeal was filed and after a trial the Circuit Court of Lafayette County dismissed the charges against our client. This is one of the very few instances of a trial where someone charged with the offense of DUI was found not guilty by the Circuit Court of Lafayette County, Mississippi.

Child custody

A man from Pontotoc County retained Garrett, Friday & Garner after learning that his former wife had mislead him as to the birth of what he believed was their fourth child. When his “son” was five years of age the client's wife admitted she had had an affair and asked for a divorce. The man had agreed to a divorce with the understanding that he would have visitation with all four of his children. After the divorce the mother advised him that as he was not the biological father of the youngest child she would not allow him to have visitation with this child. After retaining our legal team the man was not only successful in having his visitation rights with his “son” restored, he was actually awarded greater visitation rights with the child than the visitation rights granted to the child's biological father.


A man from Prentiss County sought the help of the legal team at Garrett, Friday & Garner when a former business associate and friend refused to repay a loan. After retaining Garrett, Friday & Garner, our client obtained a judgment in excess of $200,000.00.


Child custody

A man from Missouri retained our attorneys in an effort to regain custody of his children who were then in the custody of another party in Grenada County, Mississippi. On the morning that the matter was set for hearing someone arranged to have our client arrested on an outstanding warrant for non-payment of traffic fines in an effort to frustrate his efforts to regain custody. After first arranging for his release from custody our legal team was successful in having our client and his children reunited and they went home with their father that day.