Social Security attorneys in Oxford, Mississippi

Social Security Disability benefits are there to provide support for those Americans who for various reasons are unable to work. These benefits should be easy to obtain, but the combination of government bureaucracy and a large number of improper claims have combined to make this a long and often difficult process. Call Garrett, Friday & Garner, P.L.L.C. at (662) 281-0438 to discuss your social security situation with an experienced social security attorney in Oxford, Mississippi.
The attorneys at Garrett, Friday & Garner can help you obtain the disability benefits you need to meet your most basic needs. When applying for disability benefits you must show that you are disabled by producing the necessary physician statements, medical records, and other proper documentation evidencing your disability and that you can not work in the traditional sense.

We can assist you whether you now need to apply for benefits for the first time or need the assistance of a good attorney to represent you through the appeal process.

We provide Assistance With:

  • Appeals of Denial of Benefits
  • Application for Benefits